ITEM NO:BR1130491
PRODUCT NAME:2.4G Quartet remote control building blocks building blocks 317pcs
BOX SIZE:40x30x8 CM
CARTON SIZE: 50.7x41.4x62CM

REMARK:1, set the building blocks and remote control car features and integration, higher playability;
2, simulation F1 Formula racing modeling;
3, 2.4G automatic frequency, remote control forward / backward / left turn / right turn;
4, can be placed dolls, and equipped with dolls and starter;

Modeling: 32.0 * 13.3 * 9.0 Remote control: 11.0 * 9.3 * 5.4
"Car battery information: 3.6V, 400mAh; (included) remote control battery information:
AA 1.5V * 2; (not included) Remote distance: ≥25m; Speed: ≤2.5km / h "


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