ITEM NO:BR1130493
PRODUCT NAME:2.4G four-way remote building blocks mixer 815pcs
BOX SIZE: 44x34x9CM
CARTON SIZE: 69.4x37.2x45.5CM

REMARK:2, two kinds of variable simulation engineering modeling; 3, physical mechanical transmission, simulation vehicle function; 4,2.4G automatic frequency, remote control can be advanced / 6, building blocks of a solid structure, there are many movable parts available for playing; 7, presented the device; the same time,

Main shape: 40.8 * 16.3 * 26.6
Sub-modeling: 33.2 * 20.1 * 21.7 remote control: 11.0 * 9.3 * 5.4
Car battery information: 3.6V, 400mAh; remote control battery information:
AA 1.5V * 2; remote control distance: ≥ 25m; speed: ≤ 3.9km / h "


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