ITEM NO:ER1021862
PRODUCT NAME:2.4G six-axis gyroscope four-axis aircraft
BOX SIZE: 22.5X12.5X14.3CM

Remark:Blade diameter (mm): 3.7 cm
Body battery capacity: 3.7V220mAh
Remote control battery capacity: 1.5v "AAA"
Charging time: 60mins
Flight time: 4mins
Distribution Accessories: USB cable x1, forward rotor blade x2, reverse fan blade x2, aluminum sleeve x4, carbon fiber shaft x1, large buckle x1

* 4 channels with LED lights
* 6-axis gyroscope with gyro calibration function
* Rise, descend, forward, back, turn left, turn right, hover
* Left fly, right side fly, hand throw
* Remote control distance 30M



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